Mapping Applications

The DEP maintains custom web applications for both DEP personnel and the public. Some applications are designed as general exploratory tools organized around a particular type of data, often related to a particular permitting activity or DEP office. Other applications are designed to provide task-driven information quickly, without the need to start a desktop application or calculate an answer manually.

Utility Applications

Coordinate Conversion Tool

This application converts between Lon/Lat and UTM coordinates for the Unites States. It will also convert to/from State Plane coordinates for West Virginia locations in West Virginia. Results are plotted on an interactive map. Alternately, users can click on the map and get coordinates for the clicked location. A list of conversions is maintained in comma delimited format in a text window that can be copied and pasted to a spreadsheet or other program. run this application

Geotagged Photo Mapper

A utility application that displays locations of geotagged jpeg images, as well as GPX filesrun this application

7Q10 Flow Estimates

This application displays calculated flow estimates for streams in the state, based on equations in USGS publications. For more information on the analysis process used to calculate the flow estimates, see here. To run the application click here

Flow Distance above public water supplies

Find downstream system name, facility name and flow distance by entering coordinates or clicking on a map. Note that only the nearest facility is reported; other facilities may exist farther downstream. Also note that distance estimates using a grid representation of linear features such as streams can overestimate lengths. Based on this technical note , distances may be overestimated by about 5 percent run this application

Water Withdraw Tool

This application provides recommendations on whether it is advisable to make water withdraws from streams in the state, depending on real-time flow information from USGS stream gages. Note that this guidance tool is less strict than the water management plans for Oil and Gas Permits. Approved water management plans include safety margins to account for uncertainties related to ungaged streams. run this application

DEP Program Applications

DEP Data Viewer

A general purpose mapping application for viewing WVDEP enterprise GIS data from various program offices. The print function can be used to produced georeferenced pdf files that can be used with avenza's pdf maps app on mobile devices in the field. The same map can be loaded in Esri's explorer app on connected mobile devices by searching for 'wvdepmap' from within the app. run this application

Division of Air Quality

Division of Air Quality permit locations run this application

Mining Applications

a suite of applications for viewing and searching mining permit and related data.

Oil and Gas Data

An application for exploring the locations of wells permitted by the Office of Oil and Gas. Provides multiple parameter search, and displays graphs of reported oil and gas production. This application has been revised several times and has been most popular feature of the WVDEP GIS site for many years. run this application

Toxics Release Inventory

Shows locations of facilities reporting chemical releases to the federal Toxics Release Inventory since 1987. Allows searching for facilities that have reported releases of particular chemicals, and creates graphs of release totals over time. The TRI mapper has been continuously updated since it initially was published as a Java applet in 1997. run this application

Open Dump Cleanup Projects

An application that shows locations of illegal dump sites and associated cleanup projects managed by the Pollution Prevention and Open Dump Program. run this application

WV Landfill Closure Assistance Program (LCAP)

A web application that shows WV landfill closure assistance program data and UAS imagery. run this application