Mapping Applications

The following geospatial applications allow access to WVDEP environmental data using only an Internet connection and a web browser

Applications are organized on the web page based on frequency of use. The applications are developed using ESRI's Flex and Javascript API's running on the Agency's ArcGIS Server cluster.

Coordinate Conversion Tool

This application allows it’s user to input location based on either lattitude and longitude, UTM or state plan coordinates. It then allows the user to convert these values.

Mining Data Explorer

This applications allows the users to look at information dealing with water based datasets that are released after being tested through out the state of West Virginia.

Oil and Gas Permit Locations

This application uses Oil and gas permit information and production data available to the general public through this internet service free of charge. These oil and gas related data are originated from the information reported to the Office of Oil and Gas at WVDEP by West Virginia oil and gas operators. WVDEP does not guarantee accuracy, precision, or completeness.

Water Withdraw Tool

This application uses stream slow information that allows a user to make an estimate as to whether they would be able to draw water from a stream. This guidance tool is less strict than the water management plans for Oil and Gas Permits. Approved water management plans include safety margins to account for uncertainties related to ungauged streams.

Toxic Release Inventory

This application allows it’s user to view a collection of points and data associated with these points that deals with sites that submit information that have been released.

Resource Extraction Viewer

This application allows it’s user to view Oil and Gas deposits under mining sites, it also has water data associated with addendum and total precipitation data..

Flow Distance above public water supplies

This application lists watershed, downstream system name, downstream facility and flow distance which can be generated by entering location information or clicking on the map.

Open Dump Cleanup Projects

This application lists locations where refuge is dumped that is not a regulated dumping site, the application displays informations on what was removed and how much it may have cost to clear the dump site.

7Q10 Flow Estimates

This application allows users to search streams and find information related to the 7Q10 process.

Excel Data Mapper

This .xls points application allows it’s user to rapidly visualize a geospatial dataset by simply uploading an Excel spreadsheet (2003-2007 Excel (*.xls)) containing coordinate pairs after which it also automatically processes ancillary attribute data in the file allowing the user to subsequently query simply by clicking on a point of interest. It is built using ArcGIS Server technology.